Movie Reviews Issue #44

Paralyzed Infinite Universes but Looking at Them Will Hurt

Angel Aguilar, Reporter

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Many of us know the story of Peter Parker and how he is the son of legendary Marvel creator, Stan Lee. Now it’s time to introduce Miles Morales in Lee’s latest animation, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie’s animation is stunning; you can obviously tell that the animators took a lot of time to give attention to detail. They added a glitch-like effect to give an emphasis on the importance on objects and characters, like the spider that bit Morales. Many of the story’s “predictable moments,” stun and surprises the audience in a way that the directors, Peter Ramsey, Robert Persichetti Jr. and Rodney Rothman intended. Not many people have heard the story of Miles Morales, but it feels as if he was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the best way possible. Morales is the first Spider-man to enter the MCU with an African-Mexican background, which is huge, since every Spider-man before him has been white. Overall, it is a great film, and definitely watch it if you have the chance. The filmmakers gave just the right amount of information to the audience to leave them wondering with questions, but not random questions: the right questions.


Netflix has previously hired Sandra Bullock to play the main character in its latest “stream-breaking” film, Bird Box. Interestingly enough, the film includes an actress that has been in many major films such as: Gravity, The Heat, and more recently, Ocean’s 8. Usually, “big-name” actors and actresses don’t really sign with Netflix, but Bullock accepted the job, because she knew this film would be a big hit. Netflix said that the movie had 45 million subscriber accounts watch the apocalyptic film in the first week of release. Since the start of Netflix, nearly 12 years ago, there has never been a film as successful as Bird Box in its first week. It had such an impact on its audience, that many of the viewers created memes, which trended for a while.The suspenseful film had frightened many of its “easily-scared” audience, but the plot to the story was interesting. The feature starts with a scene explaining the situation, in first person, that the characters face, then goes back to the beginning of the end, of the world. Not many writers can accomplish giving the audience the feeling that Eric Heisserer had gave his audience in this film.


When a movie is based on a true story, it is important to get most to all the facts right. Neil Burger, director of The Upside, did. Even though the movie was adapted from The Intouchables(2011), which was based on a true story and was an international sensation. Kevin Hart, an actor/comedian who plays the role of Dell, one of the protagonists, adds a dramatic and comedic tone to the lonely life of Philip, played by Brian Cranston, another protagonist, who is a wealthy quadriplegic who needs a caretaker to help him with his day-to-day routine in his New York penthouse. This is where Dell comes in, and with a criminal background, adds to the intrigue of the story. There are a couple plot twists, where the audience may be confused, but the film does a fine job of representing the relationship between the two characters. Kevin Hart was supposed to host this year’s Academy Awards (Oscars) but turned down the offer, when decade old offensive homophobic tweets resurfaced. At the time, the Academy sought a public apology, but Hart initially refused, saying he had apologized in the past and he was being targeted by online trolls who dredged up the tweets. Regardless of this scrutiny, Hart played his part in The Upside wonderfully.