Stealing Your Identity, Woof!

Owners Unfold Their Stories About Whether They Are Similar to Their Pets

Laysha Ramirez, Reporter

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Ever since we have had animals in our lives, it has been said that our pets, specifically dogs, adopt the same habits or traits as their owners, similar to how a parent and his/her child act in similar ways. Though in this case, genetics don’t contribute to having similar characteristics. So could it be that when raising domestic animals, it’s possible for them to mimic our own traits?

If you search “dog compilations” on YouTube you will get a ton of videos of dogs with huge personalities. These videos are made for entertainment purposes, where the footage can be either unexpected or planned. At times, there are videos of dogs sitting upright like a human, others frustrated and talking back to their owners and some even “driving” a vehicle. It appears as if dogs are like little kids learning from their caretakers, except they stay acting like children for most of their lifetime.

When you teach tricks to dogs, they see you as their leader and look up to you. Could that be the case as to why they mimic their owners at times? Cassandra Murillo, KCHS senior, has had this phenomenon prove to be true in her life. “My dog Bruno, he eats with his paws like how we eat with our hands, but instead for Bruno it’s his two front paws!” she stated.

I asked eight KCHS students about their furry friends only to discover two of the eight do not find their dogs to be similar to them. However, one of the two, stated that her pet was not similar to her, which was interesting considering the fact that she spends more time with her dog than the other students. Adreena Cortez, another KCHS senior, stated, ” I wouldn’t say Posey and I have similar personalities. He loves running around and playing with his ball.” Cortez added, “I would rather kick back and watch tv.” Though Cortez doesn’t share many traits with her dog, she does have one thing in common with him: difficulty waking up in the morning. Besides the two students who did not find their dogs to be similar to them, the rest of the owners had plenty of these similarity stories. Monica Rodriguez, KCHS senior, stated “We both are shy when we first meet someone.” She added,”We both act real nice to strangers, but once we get comfortable with them we tend to be not rude, but annoying.”

Besides the similar actions dogs inherit from their owners, there are other animals that mimic human traits. But because there are exceeding numbers of people with dogs than any other domestic animal, this specific mimicking of human traits may be more easily observed with dogs. So next time you notice your pup acting up or misbehaving, remember that he/she only picked up these habits because he/she wants to be just like you!