The Time to Cheer is Here

Gema Gasca, Reporter

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The King City Mustang cheer squad of the 2018-2019 school year supports and cheers on the JV and varsity players with pride and attitude. Some members of the cheer squad are Yuliana Montoya, Marley Green, Jazzlyn Serrano, and Ashley Diaz.

Yuliana Montoya, a sophomore at KCHS currently cheers for her second year in a row. Montoya’s mustang pride and confidence have helped her in cheer. She also enjoys being in
front of a large crowd. Montoya relieves, “…I love being involved in school”. Montoya’s dedication and commitment to the cheer squad comes from her admiration towards the school and the positive reactions she receives from the crowd.

Just like everything else cheer also teaches them valuable lessons. Montoya has learned and practiced her teamwork as well as, “keeps [her] busy so [she] procrastinates less”. Cheer
keeps Montoya from slacking off at school and keeps her on track. Besides her academical achievements, Montoya has also gained friends who “help [her] when she is stressed”. Communicating with her new companions allows her to destress because she knows that there is someone there for her. As well as building new friendships, they also build a sister bond. Montoya declares,” [b]ecause we have to trust each other when we stunt it’s easy to build that sister bond”.

According to Montoya some negative elements of being in cheer are tiredness, time- consuming, and “cheerleaders are still stereotyped so sometimes people say mean comments.”
Even though there are a few negative things in cheer there are also positive things, some are “[being] fit, [gaining] friends, [being] involved, [taking] pictures in uniform [is] always fun, and [getting] to go to every game”.

This year is also Green’s second year as a cheerleader. Green’s reasons for joining cheer are distinct to Montoya’s. Green establishes, “I grew up dancing [ballet] and chose to try cheer
to have fun and try a different form of performance”. Green has experience in the dancing field, therefore is exposed to large audiences.

Cheerleading has academically impacted Green because it enables her to keep her grades up. Green affirms,”…in an athletic program you must have good grades, It also helped me mentally because it keeps me focused [and] committed…”. It also bestows her a bright and positive attitude because “… [she is] representing [her] school”. Like Montoya, Green is also
proud of cheering for King City High School.  Green aspires to continue “[making] friendships through teamwork and [continue the] bonding experience”. Bonding is a key element to cheerleading since it is the foundation to a fortified squad.

Green also reveals some positive and negative factors to cheer. As reported by Green, “some pros of being in cheer is making memories with [the] cheer team and the KCHS football
game experience. Some cons… are that it is very demanding on one’s body. Regardless of what people think our body is very sore the next day”. Even though team bonding is important being sore and tired are also things to keep in mind when involving yourself in cheer.

Without cheerleaders, the hype at games would be absent. Cheerleaders at King City High School provide support and motivation to our hardworking football players.