The Coming of Home

Angel Aguilar, Reporter

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On September 28th in the War Memorial Stadium at King City High School (KCHS), students and other members of the King City community came together to see the results of the
2018 Homecoming Royal Court.

Many students ran for the Homecoming Royal Court, but only few were elected. They covered the walls with campaign posters, students walked around with the candidate’s names stickered to their chest to show support, and baked goods were handed to the voters. This year’s candidates included Clarice Jaime and Joseph Williams for Lady and Lord; Richard Enrique for Duke; Fatima Cardenas, Zoie Cruz, and Natalie Vasquez for Duchess; Ana Gomez, Faith Head, Dulce Chavez, and Taryn Borzini for Princess; Gage Barmes and Cesar Chavez for Prince; Breana Aguilar, Kathy Acero, Grace Shepherd, Nancy Andrade, Alexandra Estrada, Ashley Rodriguez, Ali Mendez, and Katherine Chavez for Queen; and Mario Sanchez, Ethan Martinez, Timothy Mercury, Jose Tamayo, and Miguel Tejeda for King.

On the afternoon of September 28th, Jose Tamayo was crowned Homecoming King and Grace Shepherd was crowned Homecoming Queen. After I had asked Tamayo if he thought he would have won, he reacted, “Honestly, I really didn’t think that I would win, because out of all of the candidates, I wasn’t really putting up posters. I wasn’t really putting myself out there for Homecoming. If anything, I thought Miguel would have beaten me.” I kept questioning him if he would encourage others to run for the Homecoming Royal Court. He continued with, “I would encourage others to run for the Homecoming Royal Court because it really makes you put yourself out there, people will get to know you, start to talk to you, and you will get popular. Even if people don’t really talk to you, eventually they will.”

This year’s Lady was Clarice Jaime while Joseph Williams was elected Lord. Richard Enrique was elected Duke and Fatima Cardenas won the title Duchess. For this homecoming’s prince and princess, Cesar Chavez and Taryn Borzini were chosen by their class respectively.

It was on the 24th of September that the Homecoming Spirit Week began. That Monday, the students came to school wearing their finest outfit that either represented a country style or city vibe. This spirit day was known as “City vs. Country.” I interviewed Marley Green to get her perspective on the school dress up day. I had asked the sophomore why she had chosen to dress up like a country girl as opposed to a city girl, and she replied with, “It was a decision my friends and I made and it’s more comfortable to wear country clothes over city.” That same day, it was the class of 2022’s day to decorate the school. The freshman class lacked in the effort to show school spirit, where little to no decorations were shown on the school campus. This may have been due to the fact that the freshmen had been newly introduced to the high school life and they are yet to find the feel for the school spirit.

The day that followed “City vs. Country” was “Beach Day,” which was on Tuesday the 25th of September. The students came dressed up as if they were going to the beach. An interesting outfit that stood out was that of Rachel Wilkins’, Senior at KCHS. She wore a traditional Hawaiian skirt. In order to understand why she participated in Homecoming Spirit Week, I asked why she had dressed the way she did. She responded with, “It’s my senior year, it’s my last chance to show some school spirit, I wanted to go all out.”

The 25th was the day of the sophomores, class of 2021. They decorated the school with posters on the walls, and they emphasized their school spirit by rooming the halls of KCHS with their class color: gray.

The 26th of September was the day of “Disney or Colleges (Universities)” where students were encouraged to where their favorite college’s merchandise or their favorite Disney merchandise and costumes. There were students showing their support for many colleges, such as Stanford, CSUMB, Cal Poly, and UCLA. There were also many students dressed up as a Disney characters, such as Eeyore, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Woody.

It was the day of the Juniors on the 26th of September. The class of 2020 awoke at 6am to decorate the school with their class spirit. They ended up throwing toilet paper at most of the trees on the KCHS campus.

Thursday came, September 27th, students came to school dressed up as their “class color,” they were showing lots of school spirit. Freshman were encouraged to wear black, sophomores were told to wear gray, juniors were advised to wear white, and the seniors brought the blue into the school. There were teenagers wearing T-Shirts with big letters, they all went to their own groups, and they spelled out “FRESHMEN 2022,” “SOPHOMORES 2021,” “JUNIORS 2020,” and “SENIORS 2019.”

The day for seniors to decorate came on Thursday, September 28th. Many of them awoke at 5am to decorate the school with their posters and color showing their school spirit. They did such a swell job, that the halls of KCHS bled with blue.

Friday came and the dress up theme was “Mustang Madness” where every student was supposed to bring as much clothing that they happened to have that represented the school
colors. The school had halls full of students roaming with blue, white, and grey.

The KCHS ASB Leadership class hosted a rally to get all KCHS students hyped up for the Homecoming game. They had rented an inflatable bull that many students rode on while the
student body watched and cheered. After the rally, many of the students hit the streets and made their way to Broadway to watch as all of the floats passed by for the homecoming parade. There were floats from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class; even the class of 1999 had come back to school to celebrate homecoming with the current graduating class.

That same day, Tamayo and Shepherd were elected and the KCHS varsity football team won their home game against Saint Francis High School with a final score of 14 to 7 in the War
Memorial Stadium. Unfortunately, the JV football team lost the game with a score of 28 to 21.

During the varsity game’s halftime, Shepherd and Tamayo were crowned queen and king and they completed the KCHS tradition of setting the ropes that spelled the letters “KC” ablaze.